Social media for business

My name is Gurjit Kaur. I am studying Human Resources Management diploma in Sheridan College. I am selecting the topic social media for business as social media are used by each and every business and an individual. Customer is the king of today’s market. Business can run according to the thinking of consumer. In real-time, social media create a huge amount of data about buyer such as, who they are, what they like as well as how they feel about brand. It enables companies to link and build contacts with both present and potential consumers.


. It is a two-way road as everyone can contribute to the discussion which is different from traditional media. It is a well-known fact that digital advertisement has become a key part of most marketing campaigns. Social media are used by 50% under 30 their life depend on internet. 2 billion videos views per week on YouTube. On Facebook people communicate massively. Technology are made for business and business are made for technology. Social media are used by 150 companies worldwide to track the customer to find new customer, Keep customer informed or get ideas from their status by the collective idea management system. It is a cheap source to advertisement and communicate with customers for small business (Murrey, 2013).

Social sites are used by world-wide:

Facebook: 1.85 billion users

Google+: 300 million users

Instagram: 400 million users

LinkedIn: 300 million users

Pinterest: 100 million users

Twitter: 320 million users

YouTube: Over 1 billion users (Monarch Media, 2016)


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